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Lifehack 2 July 2020

PhD in New Zealand

The cost of programs and funding, the application process for a study and how to get student visa, how to work during the education on PHD.

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News 8 June 2020

New Zealand on the quarantine. What does it mean?

We gathered the latest news and comments from the INZ regarding the Coronavirus and included visa information for travellers. From June 8, New Zealand returns to normal and moves to the first quarantine level. Borders for all foreigners are still closed.

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News 9 April 2020

How do we work

Kiwi Education is a Recognized Educational Agency.We help people from all over the world in their desire to come to New Zealand for immigration, study or travel.

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News 17 December 2019

Results of 2019

As per our established tradition, we are pleased to share with you the results of our work of a fantastic 2019. In this article, we’ll take an honest look at some of our data and statistics from the past year.

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News 17 September 2019

Silver Fern Visa

Special work visa, which is issued to young people with good English and higher education annually in limited quantities.

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News 22 August 2019

Kiwi Education Price List

Free Service Consultations on a study programs Assistance with application to educational Institutes Student visa assistance – free if duration of study more then 12 weeks Airport pick-up Free SIM card and adapter Student support in New Zealand   FEE-BASED SERVICES & LICENSED IMMIGRATION ADVISER SERVICES Documents Service fee for helping compilation of motivation letter for University […]

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News 8 July 2019

Training and immigration to New Zealand for accountants

One of the very attractive occupations for newcomers to New Zealand is the profession of an accountant. The specialty is not on the list that is in demand in New Zealand, however, according to the state resource Careers, the chances of finding work in this area are high. The truth is, getting it is not so easy.

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