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News 11 July 2016

How do we work

Kiwi Education is a Recognized Educational Agency.We help people from all over the world in their desire to come to New Zealand for immigration, study or travel.

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Lifehack 16 October 2018

Career in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a dynamic flexible industry and changes with the development of the Internet, mobile technologies, augmented reality, chatbots and an Artificial Intelligence. Working as a Digital Marketer is never boring and there is always a room to learn.

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News 18 December 2018

Results of 2018

As per our established tradition, we’d like to share the results of a fantastic 2018. In this article, we’ll take an honest look at some of our data and statistics from the past year.

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News 3 April 2017

Neighbourhoods of Auckland

We often receive questions about where to live in Auckland, which neighborhood to choose, and where is safest and most affordable. In this article we’ll tackle of the question ‘Where should I live in Auckland?’.

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News 27 March 2017

Memo coming

Here you will find the most important and useful information about what you need to foresee before leaving, what things to take, what you need to think about in advance.

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Lifehack 16 October 2018


Online marketing is in high demand in New Zealand, and specialists are in demand. We decided to find out in more detail what Digital Marketing is, what is included in the structure of a specialist’s work and what is important to know in order to start working in this area.

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