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  • 18 December 2018
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Celebrating five years of Kiwi Education!

Hello everyone! My name is Denis, the founder of Kiwi Education. I want to tell you a bit about what we’ve been doing for the past five years––but first, let’s look at some statistics:

  • We have helped over 1000 students get to New Zealand, many of whom arrived with their families;
  • We currently process over 300 students a year;
  • We have a 95% visa acceptance rate;
  • We have access to the best universities, state institutions, private institutions, and schools in the country;
  • Our team includes 18 incredibly bright and talented colleagues.

When we launched Kiwi Education in 2013, it was not the core of our group of companies. We soon decided that our services should be free for students, and in this way, we would differentiate ourselves from the majority. We spent the rest of the year developing our website, signing contracts with universities, and implementing our marketing strategies and tools.

In 2014 we were already able to help 85 students; however, we continued to labour away––attending exhibitions, partnering with new universities, and giving seminars.

In 2015 we welcomed 150 students. This allowed us to grow into a high-performing and robust company, expanding our staff of colleagues and like-minded people. We travelled across the country, searching for the best New Zealand had to offer. Once again, we were spending a lot of time building our brand.

The year 2016 brought us 253 students and their families. Our reputation was beginning to work in our favour, and all the nights of hard work were paying off. That year, we grew and developed in every aspect.

In 2017 we helped 324 students acquire visas. Our social network groups became very popular, our YouTube was gaining momentum, and more people were learning about New Zealand.

Over the past five years, we have put all the resources we could into developing and improving our service. We have continued to work on new projects aimed at streamlining and improving the process of immigrating to New Zealand. Our team is continuously learning and developing. Although we are all only human and make mistakes, the competency of our team is continually improving. We’ve been through all kinds of crises, but thanks to mutual support and the trust of our clients, Kiwi Education can continue to provide a useful service.

In 2013, before we launched Kiwi Education, I visited Hobbiton. I made a promise to myself that the first celebration for my company (whatever it might be) would be at the Green Dragon bar. I have a habit of keeping my word.

Thanks to diligent work, we were able to organise a tour of the North Island of New Zealand and bring nearly the entire company. We visited 14 Universities in 8 cities, took videos, socialised, and agreed on discounts for our clients. The cherry on top was a celebration at the Green Dragon bar with over 30 people, all of whom in some way or another participated in building our tight-knit company.

I am delighted and content in the knowledge that our labour has produced hundreds of happy people who have discovered new horizons. However, I must admit that I was no less pleased to see how happy my team was while on our trip. As a leader, perhaps the greatest satisfaction of all has been to see how bright, energetic, clever, and interesting people come together to perform a job.

If you’re interested, we invite you to watch a video we made as a memento of our travels. Thank you, dear friends and clients––and clients who will become friends. Thank you for choosing us. Thank you for your recommendations, and your patience and understanding. We are happy to help such great people!

With love and respect, 
Denis and the Kiwi Education team.

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