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University of Otago

      – The oldest and high rated University
      – 14 areas of study
      – Strongest Faculty of Medicine
      – Huge selection of Humanity areas
      – Beautiful city and campus

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    The University of Waikato

        – The most international University in the country
        – 8 faculties, a wide selection of specialties
        – Many programs are in the top 250 in the world
        – Excellent graduate employment statistics

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      University of Canterbury

          – High world rating and recognized quality
          – 8 faculties, a huge selection of innovative programs
          – Many specialties are in the top 100 in the world
          – Excellent campus facilities

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        Victoria University

            – World recognition of the University in international rankings
            – 10 faculties, a wide selection of specialties
            – The strongest humanity and law faculties
            – High-tech university equipment
            – Lots of creative study areas
            – 3 campuses located in the city center of Wellington

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          University of Auckland

              – Largest University of New Zealand
              – 11 faculties, a wide selection of specialties
              – Included in Top 100 Universities in the World
              – Highly qualified and modern education
              – Huge selection of programs and modern campuses

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            Massey University

                – One of the largest University in New Zealand
                – 6 faculties of education
                – Modern research and innovation
                – Large and comfortable campuses

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