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  • 6 March 2020

Evening English Courses in New Zealand

In this article we have a selection of language schools which offers evening english courses. It is a great opportunity for students to work part-time during the day. This can partially reduce your living expenses and will be useful for practicing English. What part-time job you can finde?  The common areas of part-time work in New Zealand you can find in our article.

Evening courses in 1st category schools


Language Studies Inernational (LSI), Auckland

24 hours per week

  • 4-11 weeks – NZ$ 400 per week
  • 12-15 weeks – NZ$ 395 per week
  • 16-23 weeks – NZ$ 390 per week
  • 24 + weeks – NZ$ 350 per week

General English. Pre-Intermediate – Advanced Levels
Classes from 17:00 till 21:30 (Monday-Friday)


Языковая школа CCEL


23 hours per week

  • 2-11 weeks – NZ$360  per week
  • 11 + weeks – NZ$338  per week

General English. Pre-Intermediate – Advanced Levels
Classes from 17:00 till 20:20 (Monday-Friday)


Языковая школа LSNZ

LSNZ Queenstown

20 hours per week

  • 2-13 weeks – NZ$360 per week
  • 14-23 weeks – NZ$350 per week
  • 24 + weeks – NZ$340 per week

General English
Classes from 17:00 till 21:00 (Monday-Friday)


Языковая школа Auckland English Academy

Auckland English Academy, Auckland

25 hours per week

  • 1-8 weeks – NZ$ 280 per week
  • 9-16 weeks – NZ$ 260 per week
  • 17-24 weeks – NZ$ 250 per week
  • 25 + weeks – NZ$ 240 per week

General English, IELTS preparation
Classes from 17:30 till 21:30 (Monday-Friday)

NZSE Seafield school of English, Hamilton, Auckland

  • 20 hours per week – NZ$ 185 per week
  • Materials – NZ$ 100
  • Admin Fee – NZ$ 250

General English, IELTS preparation
Classes from 17:00 till 21:00


Evening courses in 2nd category schools

Imperial College New Zealand, Auckland

  • General Englis – NZ$ 160 per week
  • IELTS preparation – NZ$ 200 per week
  • PTE preparation – NZ$ 150 per week


How to get the right to a part-time job?

The right to work part time within 20 hours a week can be obtained to the following conditions:

  • Studying in 1st category language school from 14 weeks or more OR
  • Studying in 2-3 category language school of 24 weeks or more, but with IELTS 5.0 or higher

It is also possible to obtain the right to work part-time, if you study in a 2-3 category language school for more than 24 weeks and pass the IELTS while studying. Read more about preparing for the IELTS test.

* If you have a limited visa, permission to work part-time remains at the discretion of the officer.

Other language courses in schools of different categories

A selection of all language schools in New Zealand can be found in our article.

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