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  • 8 January 2018

Free English Language Study in New Zealand

Not many people know that there is an opportunity to attend free English language courses in New Zealand. This is possible for those who plan to apply for professional education in the future, but at the same time their level of the English language is not high enough.


Since the visa for studying in New Zealand is issued only after payment is made for your chosen courses, the sum is simply deducted from your future degree program. When you attend English language courses, you will need to pay for it in full, and then when you begin to study toward your professional programme, the cost of the language courses will be deducted from the cost of the programme. In this way, you will have a diploma with a discount for the amount of the cost of the language courses. You will need to pay for the degree or diploma programme only when you pass a test of the English language, and be credited for it.


For all questions regarding such discounts, scholarships and the planning of your studies, contact Kiwi Education.

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