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  • 8 January 2018

Grants in New Zealand

The most important and complex issue when planning your stay in New Zealand is the financial one. We understand perfectly that not everyone has the opportunity to pay for training and spend money on living costs. But it is important to understand that New Zealand aims to help firstly its citizens, for whom studying is cheaper but not cheap as such. It is residents of New Zealand and the adjacent countries of the South Pacific that account for the majority of scholarship and grant recipients.


This is not an easy task for a foreign student. Nevertheless, there are always options. Our company has collected all relevant information about opportunities for free education in New Zealand. In this article you will find all the current offers.


For citizens of Russia with a higher education, there is an opportunity to receive a grant from Skolkovo, which can fully compensate the costs of studying and even living in New Zealand. There are up to 2.7 million rubles available each year, but subject to your return home after graduation working in prestigious partner organizations.
More about the program


We try to help bright and interesting people realize their dreams, help them grow and broaden their horizons. Therefore, we hold a special competition from time to time for people who are successful in their education and profession. Our scholarship fully or partially covers the costs of training. The process of negotiations with universities is not easy for us, since we are the only company in the country that offers such grants from its own resources. Therefore, we cannot precisely name the terms of the next application date, but we do our best to ensure that the competition is held annually.
Competition from 2017
Results of the competition from 2017


On the government website ‘Study in New Zealand’, you can find information on other available scholarships in New Zealand, offered at university level. Learn more about Study in New Zealand.

Also, do not forget to search out opportunities toward free education in your home universities, usually via government agencies. We have hosted the recipients of such scholarships in the past. It’s only fair that smart people be rewarded!

If you could not find a suitable option for free education, do not despair. Check our website for special offers in the Specials  section .

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