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This is probably the most common question from students who are seriously considering immigration to New Zealand. In this article, we have tried to take into account all expenses to help you deal with the nuances.

Important changes from 1st July 2019: Fee Paying Student Visa fees are NZ $ 330 per week.

Moving through Language Courses

Language courses is the first step for students planning for further study in New Zealand’s universities. It is also a great option for qualified specialists whose professions fall into the skills shortage list for New Zealand. Aside from everything else, it is a great way to learn about the local culture, as well as evaluate possibilities for future immigration.

In the table below, you can view a detailed account of expenses for studying and living in the country for periods of 6 and 12 months. These are average prices, as there are both more affordable as well as more expensive options for study. All prices listed below are in New Zealand dollars. The exchange rate is lower than USD, however, it can vary.

Language courses

StudentStudent + Partner (both studying)Student + Partner (both studying) + Child
6 months12 months6 months12 months12 months12 months
Education fee*$6,000$12,000$12,000$24,000$12,000$24,000
Funds for living in the country**$7,500$15,000$15,000$30,000$15,000+$1,000 (ребенок)$30,000+$1,000 (ребенок)
Funds for tickets (round-trip)***$2,000$2,000$4,000$4,000$5,000$5,000
Fee for Student visa$330$330$660$660$660$660

* NZ $250 per week
** NZ $1,250 per month (by regulation of immigration authorities)
*** Depending on the airline and season. You can check prices on your airline’s website.

Currently, the cost of language education programmes varies from NZ $220 to NZ $450 per week. You can view more detailed information about programmes and pricing here.

You can work part time to pay for a portion of your expenses when possible. The minimum wage for student part-time workers at 20 hours per week is around NZ $270/week. However, you will have to present the required funds in a bank account in advance of receiving your visa.

Moving through Professional education

The most reliable way to immigrate to New Zealand. It is a great option for specialists in any field. After receiving a diploma, you’ll be able to apply for a Post Study Work Visa from 1 to 3 years depending on your study programme (Level). Read information here.

The cost of a degree programme will depend on your place of study and concentration.

Level 7 qualification programmes vary from NZ $12,000 to NZ $27,000 per year.

Level 8 qualification programmes vary from NZ $20,000 to NZ $45,000 per year.

Many academic institutions offer free English lessons upon admittance to a degree. Find out more here.

If you select the right programme of study, there are opportunities to receive a ‘Partner of a Student Work Visa’. Read more about the educational system of New Zealand here.

Professional education (confirmation or advancement of qualifications)

StudentStudent + Partner (work visa)Student + Partner (work visa) + Child
Level 7Level 8Level 9Level 9
Education fee*$15,000$25,000$30,000$30,000
Funds for living in the country**$15,000$15,000$15,000+$4,200 (partner)$15,000+$4,200 (partner) +$1,000 (child)
Funds for tickets (round-trip)***$2,000$2,000$4000$5,000
Fee for visa$330$330$330+$495$330+$495

* The cost of study depends on your chosen place and programme of study
** NZ $1,250 per month (by regulation of immigration authorities)
*** Depending on the airline and season.

Cost of moving to New Zealand

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You can find more information in our blog:

Your options can vary greatly depending on your budget and goals. All information provided is individual and based on information obtained from students. If you have any questions about education or immigration to New Zealand, please don’t hesitate to contact the Kiwi Education team.

Apply for selection of study options and/or assessment of chances for immigration

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