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Immigration For Investors

New Zealand is not only a comfortable place to live but also an investment potential, as well as constant growth in return on investment. There is a separate category for obtaining residency, especially for investors.

Our partners at CPG are the largest property developer in New Zealand. They offer investments in apartments and residential complexes with the possibility of obtaining residency for the whole family.

Conditions for obtaining investor visas:

  • Age up to 65 years (for Investor 2 category)
  • IELTS 3.0 and above
  • Investments from NZ $ 2.5 million (category Investor 2 with a special offer from CPG) or from NZ $ 10 million (category Investor 1)
  • The money must be invested for 4 years
  • The legality of earned investment funds

Thus, if you have sufficient funds, there is the possibility of earning significant income, while obtaining the legal status of residence in New Zealand for your entire family, including children under 24 years old. In addition, CPG offers a free course in financial, investment and real estate management, especially for their clients.

More about the Investor 1 category on the INZ website
More about the Investor 2 category on the INZ website

For more information, special offers and investment options, contact Kiwi Education.


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