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Engineers of almost all variations are on the list of sought-after specialties in New Zealand. It would be enough to have a bachelor’s degree to satisfy the requirements of the lists in most areas.

Being on the list means that to obtain a work visa for you, the employer will not have to prove to Immigration New Zealand that they did not find anyone suitable in the local labour market. This somewhat simplifies the situation, since not many people want to do this.

Nevertheless, one must understand that without New Zealand based experience of work, it is not easy to find a job in engineering. You require good English and references, plus experience in international projects or companies.

Finding a job remotely is extremely difficult, employers want to see you in person, and most of them would like you to already have a working visa on hand. So, there are two options, here’s how you could increase your chances of finding a job:


You can attend language courses to bring your English up to the required level, and in parallel you can look for work in your specialty. If you find one, you can get a work visa, our licensed immigration adviser will be happy to help with this.

More information about the most profitable language courses and opportunities for additional work read in our article.


If you cannot find a job at once, there is a plan B. Professional training during the year. At the time of training, you will have the right to work-in-training, the opportunity to improve your skills, get practice, make acquaintances and improve your professional language. In addition, at the time of obtaining a visa for study on a professional program, you can bring family: a student’s partner has the right to a work visa, and school-age children can study in public schools for free.


State Universities programs vary in cost from NZ$ 35000 per year.


State Universities programs vary in cost from NZ$ 35000 per year.


State Institutes and Polytechnics programs vary in cost from NZ$ NZ$ 18000-21000 per year.

Write to us and we will be happy to tell you more about the options and answer all your questions.

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