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How do we work

Kiwi Education is a Recognized Educational Agency.We help people from all over the world in their desire to come to New Zealand for immigration, study or travel.

Assessing the chances and consultations – free of charge

First, we assess the prospects for each individually, choosing the most effective way to him on the basis of data and the customer’s wishes. Advise in detail, discuss and answer all your questions.

Selection of the best offers – free of charge

We help to find the most suitable and beneficial offers of education in New Zealand, whether language courses or professional programs. We really find the best deals, so if our customers send us confirmation of better prices, we make them even better.

Help in processing – free of charge

In most cases, our help in preparing all the necessary documents are also free. Upon admission to our partner institutions, we will help to get an invitation, as well as describe in detail how and what documents you need to collect in order to increase the chances of obtaining a suitable visa. The visa application process is full of nuances and details, which are important for the success of the event. You pay only in case when a visa has already been approved or issued, but you have not begun to study and cancelled the course on your own initiative or personal reasons.

You do not overpay

We officially represent the most popular institutions in New Zealand, respectively, acting on their behalf and at their prices, and the organizations themselves pay our company after the student has started his course. Thus, the student does not pay any extra money, but getting a quality and professional assistance. Sometimes even our proposals differ from the official for the better. Furthermore, we help to save your money, meeting you at the airport for free, as well as providing an adapter and our Welcome Paсk, where you will find all the important information for the first time in New Zealand.

Work on reputation

Such work methods is our principled position. We value our clients a good attitude, because the quality of our work say it is their reviews. And our goal – help as many people from around the world as we can.

Just ask us your question and we will be happy to provide fast and professional response.

Contact Kiwi Education and we will help fulfill your dream of New Zealand.

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