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Learn English Online With Italki

We continue to find helpful resources for learning English outside of language schools. Online schools are a modern approach to language teaching for those who want to devote more time to personal affairs, work, travel, family and friends.

Italki online school has more than 10 thousand teachers, 5 million students and 130+ foreign languages ​​to study. In addition to lessons with native teachers, the school has interactive learning methods. For example, communicating in the community about language topics, articles written by teachers and tutors, a notebook for writing practice, and also just speaking English.

It’s convenient:

  • With Italki, you study online one-to-one with a native speaking teacher tailored to your goals and interests.
  • You can join the language community. Practice conversational language, read articles, participate in discussions and get answers to your questions in the interactive section.
  • Classes are held at any time convenient for you, without being tied to a specific place.

How it works

  1. On the Italki school website, you need to select a teacher by watching his video presentation and feedback from previous students.
  2. Choose a date and time convenient for you.
  3. Contact the teacher via Skype or using other software.

Cost and additional bonuses

The cost of a lesson depends on the teacher category and your goals. You can choose to study English for beginners, IELTS, FCA, CAE and CPE preparation, and Business English.

A great bonus is that when buying the first lesson using this link, the school gives the student a voucher for $10 in Italki currency!

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