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My name is Liudmila. I am from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. I am 36 years old.

I came to New Zealand exactly one month ago, at the beginning of July 2015, to study at the Institute of Technology UNITEC in Auckland, for Graduate Diploma in Construction Project Management, level 7. My studying will last for 1 year after which I have the right to apply for 1 year Searching Job Visa.

I’ve been preparing for my trip for the last 5 years and I am here at last! I love the country and the city. I was surprised with the winter weather here as I was prepared to see a cold, windy, freezing time as I read through lots of Russian forums, but It turned out to be very warm and sunny weather! And I still didn’t put on my warm hat, scarf and winter boots even once. And during lunch time I usually walk just in my summer t-shirts.

The way of studying here is quite different from Russian way. We have lections just once per week and other days we have to do all our learning just ourselves. Which of course demanded huge self -discipline. I finished my three assignments already, they are like essay writing, but for being able to write it you need to search through lots of books and journals at the library and it gives you a foundation for the theme of your assignment and wider understanding of the subject. As lecturers said us every point of 15-points subject means 10 hours of self-preparation. So each 15-points discipline needs 150 hours of preparation by your own. But preparations are not boring at all as there is lots of literature at the library, and places for studying are quiet, comfortable and warm.

My plans for August are to do well for all my assignments, and in the middle of September I am having my first exams. I will see how well I am going to go through them, after which I have huge plans to start my searching for a job, preferably in my area of Construction. I believe that all will be fine!

I would like to thank Denis Brook for his wonderful job from the beginning I first sent him email in January 2015, and to the end when I came to Auckland in July when I was picked up by him at the Auckland airport. All the help was done with a big attention and professionalism. Previously I had two declined New Zealand visas and honestly I didn’t really hope to get it now. But it happened this time! Lots of questions arose during preparing my documents for Unitec and then for Immigration New Zealand and all the problems were resolved quickly and, which was quite important for me, with optimism!

Thanks a lot, Denis and Kiwi Education!