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Hello, I’m Maria.

I always knew that I have to move to another country.

I love Russia and I had a wonderful work there, most of people around the world would be jealous for. But it was some kind of intuition telling me to move on. So after working 5 years in Event Company in Saint-Petersburg as an International Artists’ booking manager I finally decided to make the next step in my life.

I was choosing between Canada and New Zealand while preparing for IELTS. I talked with several agents in both countries, with friends in both countries. That was a tough choice. But Dennis (Kiwi Education) had sent me the Unitec program of Event management one day. I checked it and understood that this is it. This is what I need. So here I am!

It’s been 2 month since I moved to Auckland to study at Unitec and I have never regretted about that. This country is amazing and I feel here like at home. No doubt it is not always so easy but life in New Zealand is so much more enjoyable and perspective than in Russia. Dennis helped me during all the document process before my arrival. That was stressed time for me but with Denis’s help this process didn’t make me change my mind about moving here. Every question I had, Denis had an answer for. He is very professional and helpful! No way I could do all the work by myself.

When I saw my Institute for the first time I thought: “Wow, damn, this is awesome!” And I still think the same. Unitec is huge, with parks, plants and enormous amount of student places. All the lecturers are highly professional, always keen to help and not like in Russia we don’t study theory, only practise all the time.

This is a wonderful country, everywhere is so beautiful, and everybody is so interesting. I’m here only 2 months and every day is like a huge adventure for me, I really hope that this will continue like that all the time I’m in New Zealand.