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  • 18 December 2018
  • News

Results of 2018

As per our established tradition, we’d like to share the results of a fantastic 2018. In this article, we’ll take an honest look at some of our data and statistics from the past year.

Total number of students

Three hundred thirty students (305 Russian speaking) have entered educational programmes by registering for Kiwi Education to compare the best offers in New Zealand. Nevertheless, the total number of Russian speaking students (newcomers or transfers to new courses) is estimated to be nearly 760. That means approximately 40% of all Russian speaking students come through our company.

Types of Programmes

Around 55% of students began English courses, eight children started school, and the rest were enrolled in degree programmes in New Zealand.


With the closing of several INZ (Immigration New Zealand) foreign offices and the poor performance of the Mumbai branch, the visa approval rate has begun to drop, and our company is no exception. Despite several contested decisions, 40 people were denied visas this year. The result was an 88% visa acceptance rate compared to last year’s 95%. Nevertheless, the average visa acceptance rate for those applying without Kiwi Education was 83% just last year. This figure is likely to be even lower this year; however, the exact numbers are pending.


We hosted a large number of seminars in various cities throughout Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. We were also invited to present at Universities in New Zealand.

Our company hosted meetings, picnics, and parties for our students and friends in Auckland.

We celebrated our fifth anniversary this year. Nearly our entire team travelled around the Northern Island visiting educational institutions, finishing the tour with a lovely holiday in Hobbiton. See more information about the trip and watch our travel video on our website.


We hosted a competition for two full-tuition scholarships for degrees in internet marketing and computer programming in New Zealand.

Social Networks

The Kiwi Education YouTube channel, as well as the channel of our founder, Denis Vlasin, are continuing to grow.
Kiwi Education’s total number of followers on social networks exceeded 60,000 people this year.

The launch of Kiwi Immigration

An essential step for us this year was the relaunch of our company Kiwi Immigration, headed by Yana Gild, who is, in our opinion, the best immigration adviser.

Next year we have more plans for developing the company with new projects to help you choose educational institutions and programmes in New Zealand.

Thank you to all who have recommended us to friends and acquaintances! We wish you luck in the New Year!

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