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  • 17 December 2019
  • News

Results of 2019

As per our established tradition, we are pleased to share with you the results of our work of a fantastic 2019. In this article, we’ll take an honest look at some of our data and statistics from the past year.


Total number of students and student visa approval

  • This year we received around 5,000 applications for the selection of study options and moving to New Zealand.
  • 323 people received a student visa with Kiwi Education and began their education.
  • 271 people are from Russia and the CIS countries and 52 srudents from Latin America.

Unfortunately, 45 people were refused, so we have 88% visa approval. However, this is very good. If we take the statistics from the Immigration New Zealand website, then excluding our students, the probability of obtaining a student visa is 83%.

For those who arrived in New Zealand, we organized some cool picnics and seminars during the 2019 year. We help our students easy to adapt in the country, make new friends and have fun.

Grants and Scholarships

Like last year, we did two scholarships for 100% tuition for a talented Marketing and Engineering specialists.

Irina Shustova will study in SIT on Graduate Diploma in Engineering Technology Level 7.

Nadezhda Kovaleva will study in Alpha Educational Institute on Diploma in Brand Management Level 7 or Diploma in Digital Marketing Level 7.


Kiwi Immigration Results

In 2019, our best licensed Immigration Adviser Yana Guild successfully approved 177 visas. She had 5 refusals on very difficult cases (with a previous visa refuse of the applicant), but still two of declined visas were changed after the appilation. A pleasant 98% of successfully completed cases.

Go to Kiwi Immigration website to find out more.

Released the Kiwi Support website

In 2019, we launched a website for our Kiwi Support project. Support for those who have just arrived in New Zealand: a free airport pick up, assistance in opening a bank account and consultation at different steps, assistance in finding housing and helping with CV for finding a job. Everything is only useful.

Go to the Kiwi Support website to find out more.



This year we often did online meetings on the Kiwi Education instagram and also we did webinars about New Zealand. Average 350 people were registered for our online meetings. We are glad that our clients are interested in beautiful New Zealand.



In Russia, we organized meetings with our Kiwi Education managers and guests education providers from New Zealand. We held the first Meet up meeting in Almaty (Kazakhstan) in a quiz format about New Zealand. Successful experiment.

In Auckland, the company organized some of the coolest job search seminars and meetings for our students and friends. Video recording of the webinars you can find here.

By tradition, we also did picnics and parties in New Zealand.


In 2019 we made about 50 video releases for people who interested in New Zealand, that is, almost one video a week. If you missed the videos, subscribe to the channels:


Finally and important. We released the new project — Kiwi Tours

We developed a platform for travelling in New Zealand. The best Russian-speaking guides and interesting tours. If you plan to travel around the country, you can choose the tour for yourself on our Kiwi Tours website.

A detailed description of the tours, the best excerpts from the tourism industry, all for the convenience journey.

In general, it was a good year. Productive and interesting. As always, we full of charge and optimism for the next 2020 year. There are already new ideas for launching projects, so we will only surprise you and our customers.


Many thanks to everyone who chose our agency to fulfill your dream. Thank you for recommending Kiwi Education to friends. We wish you incredible discoveries Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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