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When coming to New Zealand, many people ask how and where to place their child while they study or work. Places in public kindergartens are not always available, and in most kindergartens, there is a fairly long waiting list. But the situation is not as difficult as it seems at first glance! There is a great alternative to public kindergartens – private kindergartens at home. In New Zealand, the home-based kindergarten system is highly developed and supported by the government. Almost any mother raising her baby can open such a kindergarten and accept other children too, almost regardless of her education and work experience.

10 years ago, Russian home-based kindergartens appeared in New Zealand, which eventually grew into the Childtime Learning company. Our kindergartens differ from the local ones, and we believe that the difference is only for the better!

We are the first licensed network of Russian-language home-based kindergartens in Auckland, New Zealand. We work in accordance with the requirements of the New Zealand Ministry of Education, but we also support Russian cultural traditions and language in our kindergartens.

Each of our kindergartens, like most local ones, is located in a residential building, has a fenced area for walking. No more than four children can be in the kindergarten at a time, which provides maximum comfort for children and maintains an atmosphere of home comfort and care.

At the same time, our workers are professional Russian teachers, many of them have diplomas recognised by NZQA, and some have New Zealand pedagogical education. So with us, your children will be not only in the atmosphere of maternal care but also in the safe hands of experienced teachers who love their job!

How our home-based kindergartens work:

  • Daily routine, daytime sleep on beds with linens, a walk inside a fenced area;
  • Three balanced home meals a day;
  • Exciting developmental activities aimed at the all-round development of the child;
  • Teaching Russian, counting and reading;
  • English language training and preparation for school (in accordance with the New Zealand program);
  • The foundations of the Maori culture (in accordance with the New Zealand Program).

As a licensed provider, Childtime Learning has the ability to provide 20 subsidised ECE hours per week to children from 3 years old (NZ citizens, and if the parents have a work or student visa for more than 14 weeks), as well as WINZ assistance to families with low income for payment kindergarten for children of any age.

Moreover, our company regularly holds various children’s parties, joint playgroups and excursions, uniting the children of the Russian community in Auckland, helping them find new friends, expand their horizons and realise their belonging to the richest culture of Russian-speaking peoples.

Looking forward to you!


Childtime Learning EC Home-Based Early Childhood Service, License MOE-46425

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