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New Zealand is not only a country with beautiful landscapes and a comfortable hasteless lifestyle. New Zealand is a country with an open, competitive economy based on modern technology, agriculture, manufacturing and food industries, and tourism.

According to Numbeo, New Zealand is ranked 17th among the countries with the highest average monthly wages, which according to the website are around NZD 3,=900 after taxes.




The minimum wage is NZ $ 18.90 per hour (since April 1, 2020). Whether you are a student or a work visa holder, your hourly rate cannot be less than NZ $ 18.90 per hour (before tax deduction). Read more about how to calculate income tax in our article.

Earnings below the minimum wage may indicate seasonal or part-time work. Coming to study in the country, students can work part-time, which will bring some money but it will be possible to cover part of their living and food costs. In general, salaries in New Zealand vary by industry and work experience.


Wages are usually slightly higher than the minimum, even in not the highest-paid professions. The average salary for the low-skilled occupations is about NZD 3,300 per month before taxes or about NZD 2,800 after taxes.

Hereinafter, salaries will be quoted in thousands of New Zealand dollars per year before taxes. Data taken from and websites.

Business and sales

Find out in our article where to work after business education.

Hospitality sector

Other specialities

Where to work part-time in New Zealand.


The average salary is about NZD 4,300 per month before tax and about NZD 3,500 after taxes. Typically, one average monthly income provides the minimum comfortable standard of living, more on this in our article on The Cost of Living in New Zealand. Data taken from and websites.

Business and Marketing

Hospitality sector

  • Chef from $34k to $65k

Urban planning and engineering

Architecture and design





A number of professions involve salaries well above average, and their growth depends only on your experience and level of competence. Data taken from and websites.

Business and Finance

Information Technology

Urban planning and engineering

Architecture and design

In most cases, the most reliable way to move is to get a New Zealand education on the basis of the existing one. For more information on how to upgrade your qualifications, read our article Immigration through Education. Also, check out How to look for a job in New Zealand.

For all questions, please contact Kiwi Education, we will be happy to help.

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