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  • 17 September 2019
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Silver Fern Visa

Attention! Permanently closing the Silver Fern Job Search Work Visa visa from October 7, 2019. Information from the Immigration New Zealand official website.

Please read other options for moving to New Zealand on our article.

About the Silver Fern Visa

Work visa to New Zealand for educated and talented youth. Special work visa, which is issued to young people with good English and higher education annually in limited quantities. For many, this can be a unique opportunity for an economical move. Some features of the visa:

  • Work visa for 9 months for a job search
  • For people from 20 to 35 years old inclusive, higher education and IELTS 6.5
  • Issued once a year (usually in November) in the amount of 300 pieces
  • Does not allow you to include a partner for the first time, but allows for the extension of a visa

Read more about Silver Fern Visa on the official INZ website.

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