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  • 8 June 2016

Media Design School offers a tremendous opportunity

Media Design School offers a tremendous opportunity for those who would like to take the step to a career in Design.

If you already have any degree, not even associated with the design or if you have significant work experience in a related field, and you want to dive into the fascinating world of design and development, Graduate Diploma Level 7 is what you need!

After this one-year program you’ll get highly demanded and modern education of oustanding quality. At the end of the program, you will receive Job Search Visa and will be able to try out a very profitable area of Design.

Media Design School is one of the best institutions of New Zealand and around the world in the field of Design. Among the teachers you will find high quality professionals, who have a lot of experience in the most famous projects including work with Peter Jackson’s Weta Studios.

Choose the area that you most interested in:
– Advanced 3D
– VFX & Motion Graphics
– Game Design
– Graphic Design
– App, Mobile & Web Design

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