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Recently, more and more students are turning their eyes to universities and language schools located outside of Auckland.

Of course, New Zealand’s largest city has quantitatively more job options, but there are a number of benefits to studying in other cities. We will try to analyse some of them.

New Zealand


Living in Auckland is a very expensive part of the whole event. Accordingly, if you live outside Auckland, you will be able to save on accommodation, and sometimes quite significantly if we consider small cities. 


It’s no secret that Auckland is the most multi-national city in New Zealand. But at universities in other cities, you are likely to meet more local and European students as a percentage. Accordingly, most likely your English will improve faster and reach a better level.


Each city in New Zealand has its own face and characteristics. As a rule, regional universities have their own large and well-equipped campuses. Thanks to all this, you find yourself not just in the atmosphere of a city running somewhere but a real student experience, while studying unique and extremely interesting programs.


Many New Zealanders jokingly say that Auckland is not New Zealand. The fact is that the largest city in the country is very international, but the real atmosphere of the “kiwi lifestyle” can be felt if you live outside of Auckland for a while. You will become more imbued with a friendly and calm mentality, make more friends and useful acquaintances thanks to a closer social circle. All this allows you to more integrate into real New Zealand life.


Currently, New Zealand’s immigration policy encourages regional development and awards additional points for work outside of Auckland. You will receive an additional 30 points, which may be very necessary when applying for permanent residence.


Of course, there are fewer jobs in small towns, but the competition is also lower. At the time of training, finding a part-time job is still more than realistic for the majority, and after graduation, no one forbids looking for work throughout the country.

Thus, life in New Zealand is not limited to Auckland alone, because there are other equally interesting cities, life in which will become a valuable experience for you. Or maybe you will love the new place so much that you will consider it your home.

We will try to tell you more about the most remarkable cities in New Zealand.

You can find detailed information about cities with interesting statistics on the New Zealand Now website.

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