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News 20 August 2020

Visa Declines

What if you are refused a visa to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United States or any other country? If you planned to study and applied for a student or work visa but were refused a visa to Australia or Canada or to other countries, do not despair. There is always a way out!

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News 14 August 2020

Interim Visa In New Zealand

Interim visa is a visa for a temporary stay in New Zealand, which is automatically issued by Immigration NZ to applicants during the consideration of their application for a new type of visa. Read what is important to know about Interim Visa.

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News 17 September 2019

Silver Fern Visa

Special work visa, which is issued to young people with good English and higher education annually in limited quantities.

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News 15 February 2017

Family visas

If you plan to come to New Zealand not alone but with your family, you can apply for a Family Visa. Consider the different options for visas of the main partner in order to understand what opportunities the family has.

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News 11 July 2016

To get a student visa

In this article we would like to reveal some of the nuances of getting New Zealand Student Visa. There are some pitfalls that you should pay attention to when apply.

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