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Hello! My name is Angelica and my task is to make the work of the Kiwi Education team more productive and convenient through the active use of web technologies.


For more than 10 years of my professional development in IT, I managed to try myself in the role of a system and web programmer, layout designer, interface designer, project and product manager, team lead and more. I started my professional career as a freelancer and for a long time occupied the first positions in the ranking on one of the leading freelance exchanges on the Russian Internet. Since 2012, my husband and I have developed several web products (CMS), which are still popular today. In New Zealand, Kiwi Education is my first job after receiving a diploma, and here my main task is to automate the team’s work processes.

My Philosophy

There are no impossible tasks, neither in work nor in life. Everyone chooses their own limit of possibilities and thereby determines their reality.


IT has been my main hobby for many years. It all started with the “] [acker” magazine, I used to buy it since I was 12 and read it without stopping as soon as I got a fresh issue in my hands. Then there were game clubs, then it became interesting how it all worked and programming began. Besides the love of my laptop, I love spending time with my family, traveling, meeting new people and cultures. Now I am also fulfilling my childhood dream and learning to play the piano.

My Dream

I would like to live up to the time when there will be no need for boundaries in the world and people will be able to completely forget about illness, and perhaps even about death, by gaining a bionic body or digitising the mind.