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Customer Service Manager Kiwi Education

Elen Sargsyan

Hey Everyone! I am Elen and I am here to make your dreams come true.

Work Experience

I am still a student, studying at two different universities and my majors are: translation with German and English specialization and tourism and hospitality. During the second year of studying I just realized that studying only was not sufficient for me and I needed some practical experience. In this regard, I began to work along with the school. Initially my work was about education, traveling and career abroad. This is because I personally have always been interested in opportunities to live abroad. So, for the last year I was happy to live and study in the Netherlands under the Erasmus Mundus scholarship. Having received an invaluable experience there, I came up with the idea that it would be nice to share it with other people. I would like to help those who always seek for something like me to live out their dreams.

My philosophy

There is no limit to self-perfection.


I am a true moviegoer. Especially I am keen on movies starring British and Irish actors. Besides, I am crazy about studying, always reading something, always in search of new information. I think that the more educated and open-minded you are, the brighter is your personality and your life.

My dream

I dream that one day I will be sitting in my Italian villa with a glass of red wine in my hand and the dearest people next to me.