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Customer Service Manager Kiwi Education


Hello! My name is Galina and I’m a customer service manager in Kiwi Education.


I graduated from the linguistic university and worked as a teacher of English there. Later I quit the job because of moving to another city, where I combined upbringing of my kids with tutoring. Having worked in teaching for more than 15 years, I decided to change the sphere of my activity. Since that time my life has been closely connected with Kiwi Education. Whatever I do, it’s really important for me to benefit the people and I can do it in full, being a part of our company.


Our present life is the result of our choice and decisions we have made earlier. It’s only our responsibility. It’s never late to change something TODAY to make our TOMORROW better than it was YESTERDAY.


I like travelling, languages, but my passion now is psychology. This science means a lot not only in any job, but also in the life of every person. Since my youth, I’ve been interested in it, but I didn’t manage to study for a number of reasons at that time, so I decided to do it now. It is never late!


When someone asks me about my dream, the image of a house near the ocean comes to my mind. It might happen one day. But the most important thing is to find a balance and to learn how to be always in the present. And it’s also important for me to help my sons to grow up good and happy men.