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Customer Service Manager Kiwi Education

Ksenia Tsokha

Hello! My name is Ksyusha and I represent Kiwi Education in Ukraine.


I’ve graduated from the institute with a specialization in information and political consulting, but did not work on my specialty even a day. But during following 9 years I has gained experience in various fields, ranging from tourism and grain trading business, ending with the admistrative sphere and marketing. All this time I was interested “how in other countries, in other parts of the world people choose education and build their careers.” It was this interest that brought me to Kiwi Education.


If you’re afraid – do not do it, if you do it – do not be afraid. If you already took on some business, run it boldly and to the end.


Visiting music school as a child resulted in a great love for music of all genres and directions. In addition, irrepressible energy led me to a hip hop class and since then I’ve been dancing everywhere and always 🙂


I dream about the harmony of the internal and external, so people get rid of the bustle and haste that consumes them. Then we could learned to really enjoy life.