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Marketing manager Kiwi Education

Marina Dernova

Hello! My name is Marina, I am a representative of Kiwi Education in Yekaterinburg.

Professional experience

I graduated from the Faculty of Art and worked as a decorator in one of the stores in Yekaterinburg. I was in charge not only of designing the hall, but also of  advising clients. This experience made me realize that I like to meet new people, connect with them and help them. Also, I volunteered in different cultural events in my city. I think it was a good opportunity for personal development, a good platform to meet interesting people and get a teamwork experience.

I discovered Kiwi Education when I contacted them to help me in preparing my tourist visa to New Zealand. I immediately liked these responsive people, and now I became a part of their team. I started to work as a customer service manager but not long time ago i moved to a digital marketing position.

My Philosophy

Be honest and sincere to yourself, open and friendly to peopleothers. Do not stop learning and discover new horizons.


I really like music and art. In my free time I play guitar, go to exhibitions of modern art, go to live concerts. And of course, I like to travel.


I dream about communication with no boundaries, and possibilities to meet more interesting people on my path. And of course, be a Rock’n’Roll star!