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Customer Service Manager Kiwi Education

Hello! My name is Olga and I am a Customer Service Manager at Kiwi Education.


I am an economist by education. I also completed courses in web design.

My career path is quite varied. Before coming to Kiwi Education, I managed to try myself in several interesting jobs. In each of them, communication with people and consultation on various issues was invariable.

The experience at Kiwi Education gives me everything that I love so much: many new interesting tasks, variety and, of course, a professional and friendly team.

My Philosophy

Nothing is impossible. It’s all about motivation.


I follow the latest developments in the European film industry, I spend all my free money and time on travel. So far, there are only 14 countries on my list and I have something to strive for.

My Dream

I dream about a small house by the sea.