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Customer Service Manager Kiwi Education

Tatiana Sytar

Hi there, my name is Tatiana!


I graduated from Saratov State University with honors, got a master degree in Law. I have worked several years by profession and decided to change the field to IT (unexpectedly) and a bit later succeeded to create a QA-company in a partnership. My main criterion in work is an opportunity of growth and the possibility of applying a creative approach, flexibility and season it all with the absence of bureaucracy. Creativity and a close-knit team – Kiwi Education have all of that and I`m glad to be part of it.


All that we have is a result of our choice. And, remember, you always have a choice – always and under any circumstances.


I`m such a passionate person, that one can get tired reading about all of my hobbies 🙂 The main thing that accompanies me all my life long is sport. Now I`m doing a triathlon and all the disciplines it is includes in a particular (skiing, running, swimming, cycling). Also, trailrunning is my new love. A few competitions are already behind and, I hope, it`s only the beginning.


I dream to find my Ikigai, being helpful for the World, achieve the flow state from the things I do, live in harmony with myself, people and the world around, feeling a real freedom.  And some expected achievements: to do a full-distance of Ironman someday, to take part in competitions in a different parts of the World, to travel and explore our amazing Planet.