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Customer Service Manager Kiwi Education

Yulia Kazakulova

Kia Ora! I’m somewhat of a magican: I’m the one who makes your New Zealand dreams come true.


Russian university graduate, specialized in Management in Construction (with honors, if it matters). Worked as a tax inspector, a personal assistant, a PM at social entrepreneurship and IT sectors. Lived & studied in Sweden for two years (Master of Science in Business Administration). It doesn’t matter whether you’ll come home after studies or keep exploring the country of your foreign educational experience, this time will change both your personality and your life.


Nothing is true, everything is possible.


Knowledge. I read at list one book a week and master several new skills annually.

Travelling. I’ve been to 20 countries so far. Walked the tulip fields at the Amsterdam suburbs, explored the worlds’ best Italian restaurant at the heart of Prague, been a bridesmaid at an unthentic Chinese wedding in the middle of China, got lost between Angkor Wat temples at Cambodia, celebrated my 30th birthday at an American wedding at the seashore of North Carolina, took a ritual bath in the cold waters of sacred river Ganger somewhere at Himalayas and many more.

I should thank my fellow students from Sweden for most of these and other adventures (and now you can guess why I’m so into studying abroad).


I wish that one day when you put your children/grandchildren into bed they asked you to tell them about your own personal adventures and not a bedtime story.