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To get a student visa

In this article we would like to reveal some of the nuances of getting New Zealand Student Visa. There are some pitfalls that you should pay attention to when apply.

For study in New Zealand you should have an appropriate visa. There are two types of visas for students coming to New Zealand:

– Student Visa. Sometimes people call it Open Student Visa.
– Limited Purpose Visa, or people call it just Limited Visa.

The difference between them is that Limited Visa cannot be exchanged or extended while you are in New Zealand. It is cancelled when you leave the country. By the way, Limited Visa does not imply the possibility for work while studying.

As we have mentioned before, if you have a Limited Visa, there is no need to get upset: It is a good reason to visit, for example, Fiji, and to apply for a new visa from there.

The type of Visa you will get depends on initial conditions you have and the Immigration Officer who will process your application. According to the Officer’s instructions, Student Visa should only be considered for the study, and not for job search or immigration. Thus, it is important to show the officers that you are willing to study, and then you will be ready to go home. To prove it, you need to provide information that shows that something longs you to go home. It may be:

Family (husband, wife, children, parents)

Here is a problem for those who wish to come to New Zealand for a Language Course with the whole family. In Kiwi Education, we do not recommend you this method because it can be regarded by the officer as an attempt to immigration. It is better to come one family member first. The others may join you according to the circumstances that you have. Later, it will be possible to bring the family, but there are different options for it.
For students enrolled in professional courses the situation is much easier, but still, there is a need to consider each case individually.

Work (good position, salary, letters of recommendation)

In Kiwi Education we do not recommend quitting before applying for a New Zealand Student Visa. But even if you have already completed the work, it would be a good idea to get a letter of recommendation from your employer that states that you are a very valuable employee and you will always be welcome, if you choose to come back.


If you are studying at the moment and have just took a sabbatical year, it could also be a reason to come back home, and thus, it may be positively considered by the officer.

Property (real estate, vehicles)

The presence of any real or personal property is also a sign that you do not “burn your ships” and can come back home where all of it is waiting for you.


If you have an operating business it would be helpful to provide information about it to the officer. As a matter of fact, this is also a kind of “anchor” for you.

In addition, there are documents that may also persuade the officer to make right decision for you:

– Previous interest in learning English language. Here is a popular question asked by the officers, when they refuse with Student Visa, “Why did you show no interest in learning English language previously?” Thus, providing certificates of completion for English language you disallow a question of previous interest. If you show a proof of interest in the language with IELTS certificate of 5.0 points and above, in addition you can get the right for a part time work, 20 hours per week during the study, and 40 hours a week during the holidays.

– A good history of travelling. Granted Visas in your passport do also portray you in the most favorable light. Especially if you have not previously been refused for Visa or had any breaches of visa conditions.

– Cover letter. Properly written, explicit and fully explaining your motivation letter also will have a positive impact on the officer. For example, you can write that you need English language to get your way to the top of your profession or for a new career. Either you are going to continue your professional study in New Zealand, if you believe your language level is good enough for it.

We hope that this information is useful for you in obtaining a New Zealand Student Visa.

For more information about documents you need to collect, translate and how to apply, you can ask the team of Kiwi Education as well as go on the official.

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