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What if you are refused a visa to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United States or any other country?

Visa declines are unpleasant but likely. Many developed countries are increasingly tightening the rules for obtaining visas, and judging by the number of requests to Kiwi Education, there are more and more visa declines. If you planned to study and applied for a student or work visa but were refused a visa to Australia or Canada or to other countries, do not despair.

There is always a way out!

New Zealand visa decline

If you have already applied for a visa to New Zealand on your own or with the help of any intermediaries but were refused, please contact us at Kiwi Education.

We successfully change the officer’s decision in more than 50% of cases. Quite possibly your case is still fixable.

Visa decline to Australia, Canada, USA and other countries

Every year we are approached by many clients who have already been refused student or other visas to Australia, Canada and other countries.

New Zealand offers slightly softer conditions and with a competent approach with our help, you can get the desirable visa. Moreover, often in New Zealand, you can find more profitable study options. More than 80% of clients with declines to other countries receive a visa to New Zealand with the help of Kiwi Education, and for many, this country eventually becomes their home, and they no longer regret declines to other countries.

Perhaps all this is happening for a reason, and the country that you originally planned to travel to is not waiting for you.

Common ways to fix the situation

  • Correct mistakes

When you receive a visa decline, you usually receive a list of the reasons why this happened. Even if you have not received the reasons, you have the right to request them separately in your profile. The officer considered any of the points in your statement not strong enough, so it is necessary to correct this. For example, if you haven’t learned English before – learn, you haven’t travelled – go to countries where visas are easier, you didn’t provide some documents – collect them.

  • Indicate a decline

When applying for new visas to the same or to other countries, you must indicate the previous declines and the reasons. It is optimal to write something like “Not provided enough documents”. But you need to indicate information about the visa decline since this information is easily verified by the immigration services and if you provide false information, you will have very little chance of getting a visa.

  • Try other countries

Was your visa application denied to Canada? Try Australia or New Zealand. The most popular five countries for study and immigration are the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. All of these countries have their own merits, it may be worth looking at alternative options.

  • Try another agent

If, when applying for a visa, you used someone else’s help, or did everything yourself, but were still refused, you can resort to the help of qualified persons. Moreover, the services of such companies do not have to be paid. Kiwi Education assists in obtaining student visas legally, officially but free of charge.

Other useful information

Kiwi Education provides professional assistance in the selection of education options in all education providers in New Zealand and also helps with student visas for free. Please, fill out our application form, we will always be happy to help!


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