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Online marketing is in high demand in New Zealand, and specialists are in demand. We decided to find out in more detail what Digital Marketing is, what is included in the structure of a specialist’s work and what is important to know in order to start working in this area.

Digital Marketing is commonly referred to as internet marketing, online marketing, or online advertising. In short, this is a representation of a business, service or product on the Internet in one way or another. This direction of marketing can be divided into several components:


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, this is when you type in “Language Courses in New Zealand” into Google, Bing or Yahoo and the search engine, using their algorithms, brings you results of the websites that best answers the query. It takes into account correctly composed texts, the use of the necessary keywords and headings known as keywords stuffing, the relevance of information, the availability of links to the site from other sources and much more.

Data Analytics

Direct data analysis, which is collected using services such as Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica. Thanks to competent analysis, it is possible to understand which marketing campaigns work for the organization more efficiently and which are worse, what the target audience is, how customers behave on the website and much more. For example, if you have an online store selling fur clothes, then poorly-tuned advertising will lead to empty advertising costs in hot countries.


It stands for Pay Per Click. This includes all online pay-per-click advertising, which is formed by services such as Google, Bing, YouTube and so on. A special bidding system, based on the principle of an auction, for impressions and transitions in advertising, analysis of the effectiveness and behaviour of customers, as well as many other nuances. Have you ever noticed that once you look on the Internet for a “hose for the garden”, you begin to see advertising for garden products everywhere, if you, of course, were not converted at the request? This is called remarketing and also applies to this item.

Social Media

Nowadays all social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube have a huge impact on people. Therefore, competent management of social networks for companies, drawing up promotions and interaction with potential customers is a very important point of contact of many companies. How not to infuriate the audience with constant repeated mundane and pointless posts? How to attract the attention of people who never read a text, but engage with pictures or videos? All these and other questions need to be thoroughly understood.

E-mail Marketing

Strange as it may seem, but the seemingly past technologies of mailing lists are gaining traction. Information becomes more informative and clients become more sophisticated. A well-designed email, which benefits people, always brings good results. News, digests, selection of special offers or just useful life hacking, all of these will find its addressee.

There are other tools and digital marketing details: proper online shopping management, mobile marketing, content marketing, and more. In the age of modern technology, if you are not competently present on the Internet, then you may simply not exist.

Where can I get Digital Marketing education?

At the private institute NZIE in Auckland, you can take the outstanding Diploma In Digital Marketing (Level 7) programme that will prepare you for your professional work in the field of Internet marketing.

For all questions about studying in New Zealand, please contact Kiwi Education.

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