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So, you decided to think a bit more on immigrating to New Zealand. Where to begin?
A detailed action plan is described below; read, watch the video, ask questions.

Learning about the Country

If you are choosing between different countries and are still unsure about New Zealand , then read more about the country on our website.
Of all the developed English-speaking countries, the cost of living, studying and immigration, as well as the time for obtaining residency in New Zealand will be advantageous from the rest. And all this in a safe, insanely beautiful and very friendly multinational country.

Study the options

If you do decide on it, there are different ways of immigration. Each case will be different and depends on circumstances and situations.
To get a general idea, we recommend reading more about how you can immigrate on our site.
Read more about types of visas in New Zealand .

Study the education system of New Zealand

Most people wishing to immigrate are eligible for study in New Zealand. There are many options – it can be language courses, since English is very important for work and adaptation in the country. Also, professional training from scratch, or on the basis of an already existing higher education.
Read our article to understand how the education system in New Zealand works.
See our site for best diploma programs, most affordable language courses,  programs for schoolchildren and graduates .

Understand educational institutions

When choosing an educational institution, it is extremely important to understand their differences. Each has its own capabilities, requirements and goals. Carefully read our article in order to understand the difference between types of educational institutions, how important the prestige of education is , how it affects employment, how prices differ and what importance the city in which you study has.

More information about universitiesstate institutions , private institutions and language schools .

Looking for the best offers

We try to find and select for you the best and most profitable options and persuade educational institutions to preferential terms for our students.

Many educational institutions make special promotions and offers for our clients. You can find a selection of current options on our website.

We provide a personal evaluation

Surely you still have a lot of questions, and it’s perfectly normal. There are always a lot of nuances and subtleties: education, experience, family, visa history and so on.

At Kiwi Education, we believe that there cannot be one single solution for everyone. An individual approach is important. We will be happy to work out a detailed way from the very beginning and to the desired result, proceeding from your case. To do this, it is important for us to know your details. Please allocate 5 minutes for completing our application form, and one of our managers will be in touch to provide you with the most favourable options for your background.

Apply for selection of study options and/or assessment of chances for immigration

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