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Life in New Zealand
interesting facts about the country

The standard of living in New Zealand

New Zealand is an economically developed country with some of the highest indicators of happiness throughout the whole world. For all of its inhabitants, New Zealand offers some of the most comfortable conditions for leading a good life. It is open and safe, beautiful and clean, friendly and bold in character, it is harmonious and has a caring disposition toward its population. Here, people can find their own balance of work and leisure, they can become interested in new hobbies and take an interest in different kinds of sports.

It must be said that, like many developed countries, New Zealand is interested in welcoming qualified specialists, businessmen and investors. But, when comparing it with the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Australia, you will likely find many more favorable indicators than in the countries presented above. Against this backdrop, New Zealand wins by cost of living, ecology, safety and hospitality. A detailed article about how these countries compare can be found on our website.

New Zealand boasts a balanced way of life, known as the ‘Kiwi Lifestyle’. Everything that surrounds the people who live here, is done with their interests in mind. It is convenient, clean, comfortable. Here, people can smile in the street, but not to deceive you. They just smile, because they are used to living like that. And why not smile, even with average earnings, you can afford to spend the weekend the way you would like to. You can go fishing in the open water on a yacht, or you can go and sunbathe on the beach. And maybe you will not have to go anywhere at all, if you live near the sea shore. You will be able to go skiing on mountain peaks or take some time out in nightclubs, clubs and casinos. Yes, life here is unhurried. But where would one need to hurry to? Everything in New Zealand was created in order to enjoy life.


The landscapes of New Zealand fascinate and turn heads. The air is amazingly clean and the grass is incredibly green. Legend has it that before God created land, he decided to practice on a small piece of land and the result exceeded all his expectations; seas and ocean spaces with endless sandy beaches, rocks and cliffs. High mountains with icy hats, fields, forests, plains, hills, evergreen meadows. Crystal clear lakes and rivers reflect the smooth surface of the sky. You can find tropical forestry and almost Antarctic landscapes.

Plants and animals here are unique in their origin, as New Zealand has a fairly closed and isolated ecosystem. The slogan of the New Zealand government is to Keep 100% Pure New Zealand.
You can read more about the geography and climate of the country on our website.


It is not by accident that New Zealand occupies a leading position in the ratings for “Convenience of conducting and organizing business.” It boasts the lowest level of bureaucracy and corruption, with the maximum automation and simplification of various registration and reporting processes. To register a company, you just need to fill out the online form and it will take a few minutes. Instructions for accounting, tax reporting and business rules in the country are described in detail on official websites created to help entrepreneurs properly organize their business.

The state of New Zealand will not prevent you from realizing yourself and reaching new heights, they will gladly help, support and consult on all issues. It is pleasant to strive for new heights and to grow professionally. Residents of New Zealand sincerely cherish the opportunities that the country offers them.

Detailed information on immigration by business category can be found on our website.


Perhaps because of the fact that life in New Zealand is almost devoid of hard stress, some people do not have enough adrenaline in their blood. The widest choice of active sports is a unique way out of this situation.

How about jumping from a tall bridge with a rubber band across your feet? You’re welcome. Hang gliding? They have that too. Skydiving and parachuting? Easy to find. Surfing in New Zealand? One of the best in the world. Snowboarding and alpine skiing in New Zealand is now almost a world-famous brand. Auto and motorcycle races, horse racing and and even riding ponies; much entertainment exists here that you simply may never have imagined.

More about recreation and entertainment in New Zealand on our website.

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