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Why studying in Queenstown is a good idea

Quite often we get questions about which city in New Zealand is best to choose for studying and where it is most comfortable to live and work. Comparing cities is not an easy task, as each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Today we decided to focus on one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Queenstown.



The popularity of New Zealand is growing all over the world and now more people are paying attention not only to Auckland, but also to regions of the country where the cost of living and real estate can differ favourably. The current immigration policy of the country contributes to the development of the regions, since when applying to live outside Auckland the applicant is entitled to 30 additional points on the permanent residence application in the Skilled Migrant Category.


Queenstown is perhaps the most beautiful city in New Zealand, or at least one of the most beautiful. Very bright and colourful throughout the four seasons. The city is located on the shore of the crystal clear Lake Wakatipu among the picturesque alpine ridges. Despite the small population, in fact, life in the city is vigorous, thanks to the huge number of tourists. Tourism is the main industry in the city, so it’s impossible to get bored, and if working in this area – there is an abundance of opportunities. In addition, Queenstown is considered the capital of extreme sports and is widely known around the world as a ski resort.

If you plan to study English or obtain a professional education, why not choose Queenstown, where you can find friends and like-minded people from around the world. Thanks to a warm and welcoming international education environment, students can enjoy the city, nature and active sports without taking a holiday from their studies.

A few facts why you should consider about Queenstown as an option for study:

  1. Incredible beauty of nature, it safety and cleanliness
  2. Cheap public transport (2 NZD to any part of Queenstown, including Arrowtown)
  3. Energy of a student city (out of 20 thousand people – there are 5 thousand students and 1,7 thousand foreign students)
  4. Cosmopolitan environment (people of 57 nationalities live here)


Queenstown Primary School

The school was founded in 1975 and from that time, it annually has 650 students of 30 different nationalities. It is the largest and most developed primary school in the Wakatipu district. The main goal of the school is to ensure a high quality of education and ensure students’ high achievements. The school accepts students of diverse abilities, interests and ethnic groups and strives to provide a wide range of subjects and activities in the academic, social and physical requirements of young students.

Queenstown Primary School offers a large number of outdoor activities and maintains a strong relationship with students’ parents, society and teachers, creating a balance between home, school and community. For the Queenstown Elementary School, there are no restrictions on admission, therefore it welcomes students from any residential area.



HIGH SCHOOL education

Wakatipu High School

Over the past three years, Wakatipu High School has been working on the construction of a new campus in the Remarkables Park area and, in early 2018, they successfully moved to a new and well-equipped building with a spectacular view of the mountains.

Wakatipu High School is the only high school in the city of Queenstown, which provides education for children from 13 to 19 years of age. At the moment, 850 students study at the school, while teachers know each student by name and always take into account their interests and abilities, so students feel a strong sense of individuality.

The aim of Wakatipu High School is to provide an opportunity for all students, regardless of their needs, to develop them to the fullest, opening new horizons and focusing on the students’ strengths. Part of their philosophy is to take into account the interests and abilities of each student. The school provides individual programs for the maximum success of each student. A high percentage of their graduates go on to attend New Zealand universities. Many of these students also receive university and local council scholarships.




ABC College of English

Founded in 1994, the language school is of the first category, a boutique type, where the number of students per group barely reaches 7-9 people. The school gained its popularity for its first-class English language training and support for international students. Conveniently located in the city centre, the college is close to a central bus stop, shops, cafes, banks and a lake beach.

The name of the school reflects the types of English courses offered: A (Adventure English), B (Business English), C (Communicative English); from intensive general English courses to preparation for exams for professional programs. A huge advantage of the school is the combination of learning English with activities – skiing / snowboarding in winter (June-September) and summer trips (December-February). ABC College of English meets exceptional academic quality standards, ensuring that all students receive the highest quality of teaching the English language.

With its natural scenery, outdoor activities, and a safe, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, ABC College of English, Queenstown is the place for you to learn English and enjoy the best that New Zealand has to offer.



Language Schools NZ

The school was founded in 1993 and all these years later, welcomes students from all over the world to share the unforgettable experience of learning English, New Zealand culture and participating in extreme sports.

LSNZ is a school of the first category, conveniently located in the heart of the city on the top floor of a shopping centre. In the same building there are many shops and restaurants, as well as a food court. The bus stop is directly in front of the entrance to the building. The school hosts students of about 35 different nationalities. The main countries are Japan, Brazil, Thailand, Colombia and Switzerland.

Every 2 weeks, there is a Job Club held at the school where you can get useful tips on preparing a resume and train for an interview. And as the atmosphere in the school is very positive and friendly, you will quickly find friends and become a part of a great  culture with exciting opportunities for work, play and travel.



Southern Lakes English College

A modern school, of the first category, is in the heart of beautiful Queenstown and offers a wide selection of high quality English courses. The most popular courses in the school are: preparation for the General English and General English Plus exam, plus English Plus Plus courses, which include English plus ski / snowboarding (June-October), English plus adventure and much more. Employees and teachers of Southern Lakes English College are highly qualified and try to share their experience and provide all the necessary support to foreign students. The school has a “family” atmosphere, where the students quickly become friends, play sports and have fun together.

On the first day students take a placement test, so we can ensure that they are placed in the most appropriate class. Then the teachers carefully monitor the students’ progress in order to ensure maximum learning potential.




University of Otago (Dunedin)

University of Otago was founded in 1869 by decree of the provincial council of Otago.

The oldest university in the country, and one of the two highest ranked universities in New Zealand, with a strong medical faculty and a huge choice of humanitarian directions.

University students get the opportunity to become international experts in the areas of interest to them, to obtain world-class qualifications and to contribute to innovative research and the development of science. Student life is vibrant, as a part of 20 thousand-strong students that study here. Currently, many graduates of the University of Otago live in different parts of the world and contribute to law, health, science and business. Many of New Zealand’s most famous artists, novelists, poets and leaders also received their education at the University of Otago.

We must say that the University of Otago has an amazingly beautiful campus, which includes 15 well-equipped buildings, here you will find lecture theatres, equipped with the latest technology, an award-winning library, gyms for sports, including a world-class indoor stadium. Dunedin is the only real “university city” in New Zealand, represented by a vibrant student community and a creative atmosphere.

Read more about the University of Otago, on our website.



Queenstown Resort College

A leading University of New Zealand, of the first category, specializing in tourism and hotel management. Are you interested in adventure tourism or do you want to immerse yourself in the world of the hotel industry? QRC will give you the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary for this career.

The main focus of Queenstown Resort College is the professionalism of its graduates, the continuous improvement of their skills and positive results in finding a job. QRC has a high reputation among travel companies and hotel complexes, as the best educational institution that trains high-quality professionals.



Southern Institute of Technology

The Southern Institute of Technology is a state institution in Queenstown. The university presents a huge selection of specialties and profitable special offers for students and their partners.

SIT was founded in 1880 and currently has five campuses, where more than 13,000 students study. Our academic and industry professionals from Southland and around the world are leaders in their fields. Small class sizes allow the teachers to find an individual approach to each student. It should be noted that in the presence of a work visa, SIT staff will help you write a resume and prepare for an interview, and given their lowest unemployment rate in Queenstown, the search should not take you long with a well-designed resume.

More about SIT is on our website



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