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Training and immigration to New Zealand for lawyers

To work as a lawyer in New Zealand, you first need to know the local laws. Therefore, foreigners in this industry cannot easily start on their way. In addition, at the moment, lawyers are not on the list of sought-after specialties in New Zealand, which means that it will be extremely unlikely to find work in this area without a local education and work visa. The thing is that to obtain a work visa, the employer will have to prove to Immigration New Zealand that it is you and only you who they need as an employee, and they could not find a suitable local specialist – and not every manager wants to take on such a task.

If you still intend to work in this profession, the best option for you will be to obtain a local master’s program of Master of Laws within one year. For admission, you need previous education and experience in the field of jurisprudence, as well as IELTS Academic 7.0, in which the Writing part is also at least 7.0.

This program exists only in a number of universities, and therefore its cost will be substantial. But this kind of program will give you not only an understanding of local laws and knowledge for work, but also a work visa that, in conjunction with a local prestigious education, will greatly simplify the job search and increase the chances of finding it.

In addition, you can come with family or partner who will receive a work visa for the duration of your education, and because of this, school-age children can study at public schools for free. In addition, this type of training gives you additional points for further immigration through the Skilled Migrant Category.


You can also consider training options for business specialties of various destinations. Studies on similar programs will include some information on legislation, but in the future you will need to look for managerial positions. What managers do, we wrote earlier in this article.

Write to us and we will be glad to tell you with the options and answer all your questions.

Apply for selection of study options and/or assessment of chances for immigration

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